Monday, November 5, 2007

ChocolateBet: October 28, 2007

Chocolate of the Day:

1 piece
Dark Coffee Toffee
Very Good
Weight: .65 oz.
Calories: 80 calories (estimate)
Cost: $3.95 (for a whole bag/package of these dark coffee toffees)
Purchased from: Shaw's, Millbrae, CA

This Shaw's Dark Coffee Toffee candy had a great coffee toffee taste -- close to a toffee-ette*, another childhood favorite candy that tasted great, but could pull the fillings right out of your mouth. They were so good, you were more than willing to take that chance. My mother loved coffee, and thought nothing of giving her six children this coffee toffee candy now and then. Wow, that was brave.

But, I digress. Shaw's was a favorite neighborhood candy spot that had a few different locations in California during its hey-day. The closest location was within bicycling distance of our childhood home and sold candy, ice cream and gifts. Have bicycle (and a few quarters), will buy chocolate.

Sadly, it now appears that the Shaw's Millbrae location, several miles up the peninsula, is the last remaining outpost. Thank you Shaw's for keeping kids of all ages something sweet to remember.

*This candy no longer exists. I believe the company that made them may have been based in Alameda, CA.

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