Monday, October 16, 2023

Chocolove - Pumpkin Spice in 33% Milk Chocolate Bites - Oct. 16, 2023

Chocolate of the Day

Pumpkin Spice in 33% Milk Chocolate Bites
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Weight: 1.06 oz. (30 g.) / 7.05 oz. (200 g.) in total package
Calories: 130 calories in 3 pieces
Cost: $9.99 for 1 package
Purchased from: FarmFresh, online order

Welcome to Day #4 of Chocolate, Pumpkin and Warm Spice Week.

Today's Pumpkin Spice in 33% Milk Chocolate Bites were from Chocolove (Boulder, CO).

Each, individually-wrapped, milk chocolate-covered pumpkin confection was emblazoned with a heart-shaped outline (two "Cs" facing each other), consistent with the Chocolove's love themed chocolates.*

Aroma notes included: chocolate, pumpkin pie/warm spices, and a faint sweet and savory vegetable blend note (pumpkin, sweet potato-tomato sauce).

These individually-wrapped treats had a smooth creamy, easy melt.

Flavor notes included: rich, sweet milk chocolate and authentic pumpkin (with pie spices included). The 33% cacao outer milk chocolate shell was made a bit sweeter by the white chocolate filling. And that bit of extra cocoa (more than you'd find in most holiday/novelty chocolates) helped balance out the sweetness, while still allowing the pumpkin and spices to shine.

This bite was the closest I've ever tasted to real pumpkin pie blended with chocolate. Hats off to Chocolove for using real pumpkin and real spices, and going the extra mile to achieve this.

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter**, Milk, Cocoa Liquor**, Soy Lecithin and/or Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla), Organic White Chocolate (Organic Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter**, Organic Milk, Organic Soy Lecithin, Organic Vanilla), Organic Cream (Milk, Gellan Gum), Pumpkin Puree, Pumpkin Concentrate (Pumpkin, Citric Acid), Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter**, Organic Glycerin, Tapioca Syrup, Organic Butter Oil, Spices (Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves), Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin.

(** Rainforest Alliance Certified. Find out more at

Allergen-related information: "Contains milk, soy. Made in a facility that also processes eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts."

*E.g., Chocolove chocolate bars I've purchased have come with a love poem inside the wrapper. 

And printed on the outside of the package of bites was this tagline: "Share it with someone you love."



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