Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Breyers - CarbSmart Vanilla Bars - Aug. 9, 2023

Chocolate of the Day

CarbSmart Vanilla Bars 
Good +
Weight: 3.96 fl. oz. (56 g.) / 18 fl. oz. (532 mL) in total box of 6 bars
Calories: 140 calories in 1 bar
Cost: $5.99 for 1 box of 6 bars
Purchased from: The Market at Edgewood, Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to Day #6 of Chocolate Surprise Theme Week.

Today's CarbSmart Vanilla Frozen Dairy Dessert (bars) were from Breyers* (Englewood Cliffs, NJ). The company's frozen "CarbSmart (tm)" line has relatively low net carbs (5 grams) and added fiber.

As with most frozen treats, the aroma for this frozen treat was very faint: a barely detectable whiff of chocolate. 

The bar's thin dark chocolate shell broke with a slight crackle and had an even, creamy melt. It was made with dutched (alkalized) cocoa--resulting in a smooth, uniform chocolate that was lower in acidity and bitterness.

The frozen dairy center had a light ice cream texture and a pleasant, sweet vanilla flavor. It was sweet, but not overly so.

I appreciated the smooth chocolate and vanilla textures and flavors. I didn't care for the long ingredient list with additives and sucralose (artificial) sweetener. But, for others who need to limit sugars and carbs, this might be a good-tasting, relatively low carbohydrate option.

Ingredients: Milk, coconut oil, water, maltitol syrup, sugar, polydextrose, less than 2% of: soybean oil, dutched cocoa (processed with alkali), sodium caseinate, whey, glycerin, calcium carbonate, cream, soluble corn fiber, natural flavor, vegetable gums (guar, carob bean), salt, soy lecithin, sucralose, mono and diglycerides, acesulfame potassium.

Allergen-related information: Contains dairy, soy. "Contains a bioengineered food ingredient." 

*Breyers ice cream was started by William A. Breyer in Philadelphia, PA, in 1866. In 1993, Unilever (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) bought Breyers Ice Cream from Kraft.


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