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Bitchin' Inc. - Chocolate Sweet Sauce & Kasama Chocolate - Blackberry White Chocolate (bar) - Mar. 10, 2023

Chocolate of the Day

Bitchin' Inc.
Chocolate Sweet Sauce
Good ++
Weight: 1 oz. (28.3 g.) / 8 oz. (227 g.) in total container
Calories: 110 calories in 1 serving (2 TB) 
Cost: $3.99 for 1 container
Purchased from: Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, Palo Alto, CA

Kasama Chocolate
Blackberry White Chocolate (bar)
Good + - Good ++
Weight: .97 oz. (27.5 g.) / 1.94 oz. (55 g.) in total bar
Calories: 164.5 calories in 1/2 bar
Cost: $14.00 for 1 bar
Purchased from: Chocolate Covered, San Francisco, CA

Welcome to Day #8 of Chocolate and Fruits Theme Week, featuring fruits ranging from Apple to Yuzu--and chocolate and fruit pairings like today's chocolate sauce and blackberry white chocolate duo.

I don't count white chocolates (even when they're made with 100% real cocoa butter); but a few times a year, I made an exception and pair dark or milk chocolate with a white chocolate (with a flavor inclusion). Today's double feature is one of those days.

Bitchin' Inc. - Chocolate Sweet Sauce
This was not your grandparents' chocolate sauce. This refrigerated, lightly malty, nutty chocolate sauce was less sweet and more flavorful than traditional jarred chocolate sauces (made with sugar(s) and corn syrup). 

Most chocolate sauces found in a glass jar also don't contain things like finely ground almonds, coconut aminos, or nutritional yeast. 

Family owned and operated Bitchin' Inc. (based in Carlsbad, CA) is best known for their variety of gluten free and vegan savory and sweet sauces, made with a short list of high-quality ingredients. (My favorite savory sauce is their artichoke and spinach dip/sauce.) 

Today's relatively thick, and very faintly granular (almonds) chocolate sauce had a satisfying sweet chocolate and malty almond flavor and complemented pieces of fresh fruits, including: apples, stone fruits, bananas, berries (and today's blackberry white chocolate bar) very nicely.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, water, organic sunflower oil, almonds, cocoa, organic coconut aminos, nutritional yeast, vanilla, sea salt.

Allergen-related information: "Contains almonds, coconut (tree nuts)."

Kasama Chocolate 

In a few days the 95th Academy Awards ceremony will honor the best performances in numerous categories. If there was a category called Best imitation of a dark chocolate bar by a white chocolate bar, Kasama Chocolate's Blackberry White Chocolate bar would surely win a statuette.

When I opened up the silver inner wrapper. I thought I was looking at a dark chocolate bar. This white chocolate was that berry-dark in appearance. It was bursting with an estimated 20 blackberries (fully incorporated) in each bar.

The aroma for this bar was cocoa butter and berry forward and there was a small explosion of fresh, tart sweet blackberry flavor in every bite. The sweetness was balanced a bit by dipping squares of this bar into the Sweet Chocolate Sauce (which was not as sweet as the blackberry white chocolate).

Ingredients: Organic cacao butter, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic BC (British Columbia) Blackberries

Allergen-related information: "Made in a facility that contains nuts."

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