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Freyja - 70% Cocoa (bar) - Dec. 15, 2022

Chocolate of the Day

Frejya ehf.
Frejya Original Lund Stk. 70% Cocoa (bar)
Good ++ - Good +++
Weight: 1.17 oz. (33.3 g.) / 3.52 oz. (100 g.) in total bar
Calories: 185.1 calories in 1/3 bar (556 per 100 g.)
Cost: 750 ISK for 1 bar
Purchased from: IceWear Iceland (store), Reykjavik, Iceland

Welcome to Day #5 of Chocolate and Iceland Theme Week.

Today's 70% Cocoa (bar) was made by Freyja ehf. (Kopavogur, Iceland). Founded in 1918,* Freyja is one of Iceland's oldest confection makers; and the company offers a wide range of chocolates/confections, including this bar that featured a picture of a puffin (bird)* on the packaging.

Aroma notes included rich, sweet chocolate, vanilla angel food cake, and very light aromatic tobacco notes.

The texture of this chocolate was rich, creamy, almost velvety. And the taste: creamy dark chocolate ice cream and vanilla wafer.

This was a very appealing and friendly 70% dark chocolate bar, with a good deal of vanilla come-hither. Warning: It would be very easy to sit down and consume more of this bar than you originally planned.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), vanillin. "This chocolate contains minimum 70% dry cocoa solids."

Allergen-related information: "May contain traces of milk and nuts."

*The company describes their history as follows: "In the middle of Iceland receiving sovereignty from Denmark, the Spanish Flu pandemic in Reykjavik, the end of the first World War and one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded Icelandic history a few chaps thought it would be a splendid idea to start a confectionery company...and what a splendid idea it turned out to be over a century later....Freyja still manufactures...over 100 delicious and unique products."

Note: This post was delayed due to international travel in Iceland and elsewhere.

*Sadly, from a bird watching point of view, my visit to Iceland in December prevented me from seeing Puffins. These charismatic birds with colorful beaks gather in nesting colonies in the warmer months off Iceland, Greenland and other North Atlantic locations. But there was not a one to be spotted mid-December.

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