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OMG! Food Company - Immunity - Cacao, Camu Camu Powder - June 8, 2022

Chocolate of the Day

OMG! Food Company
Immunity Organic Superfood Blend  
Good +
Weight: 1 TB oz. (6.5 g.) / 5.5 oz. (155 g.) in total container
Calories: 20 calories in 1 serving
Cost: $7.99 for 1 container
Purchased from: Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to Day #15 of Chocolate and Fruit Theme Week.

Today's "Immunity" Organic Superfood Blend--a powdered blend containing cacao, camu camu (fruit) and other powders--was from OMG! Food Company (Rancho Dominguez, CA).

This (vegan) blend was designed to be mixed with a variety of beverages and foods, including smoothies and yogurt. 

The subtle aroma notes (of the dried powder, by itself) included dried fruit (mango, orange, lemon-lime, goji berry), faint cocoa and green tea. 

I mixed today's Immunity powder with plain, non-fat, Greek yogurt and cold water. The water  made it easier to stir and fully incorporate these ingredients. The resulting beverage was relatively thick, smooth and creamy. I expected the yogurt would add a very slight tartness.

However, I wasn't quite prepared for how tart the camu camu fruit powder in this mix would be. The number one ingredient in this blend was cacao powder, but it was overshadowed by the eye-opening sourness of the camu camu fruit powder (the number two ingredient). This small fruit is known for it's high Vitamin C content. 

The South American* berry looks like a cross between a purple grape and a tiny red apple--with the tartness of both these fruits plus citrus fruit. Like many berries, camu camu contains anti-oxidants and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Powdered mushrooms and greens added a bit of umami flavor to this tangy cacao blend. My palette's taste buds were treated to the full range of flavor: sour, bitter, umami, and to a lesser degree: sweet and salty. 

I enjoyed the bracing cacao and fruit boost and the (yogurt) protein this morning without a sugar rush. Like a very tart juice shot with lemon juice and ginger), you'll find that one serving (1 TB of powder) is plenty to wake you up.

Ingredients: Organic cacao powder, organic camu camu powder, organic chaga mushroom powder, organic chlorella powder, organic reishi mushroom powder, organic kale powder.

Allergen-related ingredients: "OMG Foods are free from gluten, dairy, soy, sweeteners, fillers, additives, preservatives, and anything artificial."

*Peru is the largest producer of camu camu berries, but it can be found in many other neighboring countries, including Brazil and Ecuador.

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