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Madhu Chocolate - Coconut Milk Cashew 54% Cacao (bar) - Mar. 16, 2022

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Madhu Chocolate 
Coconut Milk Cashew 54% Cacao (bar)
Good +
Weight: 1.3 oz. (37 g.) / 2.6 oz. (74 g.) in total bar
Calories: 200 calories in 1/2 bar
Cost: $9.29 (approx.) for 1 bar (part of larger order $65 for 7 bars)
Purchased from: Good Food Awards Marketplace, online order

Welcome to Day #11 of Chocolate and India Theme Week, and Day #4 of Chocolate and Colombia Theme Week.

Today's Coconut Milk Cashew 54% Cacao (bar) was from Madhu Chocolate (Austin, TX). The company offers a variety of small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolates, with India-inspired flavors--made using cacao sourced from the Tumaco region of Colombia (and cacao from India).

True to expectations, the aroma notes for this bar included sweet "milk" chocolate, authenric fragrant coconut and nut. Cashew pieces adorned the back of the bar.

This well-tempered bar was a complementary blend of velvety coconut milk chocolate and the soft crunch of cashew nut pieces. The nuts helped balance the sweetness and provided a pleasant textural element.

The well-executed, sweet, creamy bar was an upbeat celebration of coconut and chocolate. While it was difficult to pick out individual cacao flavor nuances, the 54% chocolate provided enough cacao flavor to help ground the sugar. (There was a very faint earth note could have come from cacao or coconut.)

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, cacao mass, organic cocoa butter, coconut milk powder (dehydrated coconut milk, tapioca maltodextrin, acacia gum), cashews

Allergen-related information: "Vegan. Gluten-free." "Contains coconut and tree nuts (cashews). Prepared in a facility that also processes nuts and dairy."

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