Friday, August 13, 2021

Ghirardelli Chocolate - 100% Cocoa Dutch Process (powder) - Aug. 13, 2021

Chocolate of the Day

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
100% Cocoa Dutch Process (powder)
Good - Good +
Weight: .21 oz. (6 g.) / 8 oz. (227 g.) in total package
Calories: 15 calories (estimate) in 1 Tbsp/TB serving
Cost: $6.49 for 1 package
Purchased from: Nugget Markets, Tiburon, CA 

Welcome to Day #5 of 100% Cacao and Nibs Theme Week.

Today's 100% Cocoa Dutch Process (powder) was from Ghirardelli Chocolate Company (San Leandro, CA).  

The "dutch process" generally uses an alkaline substance (higher on the pH scale) to reduce sharper, acidic flavor (lower on the pH scale). The alkali(ne) essentially neutralizes its acid opposite(s) and makes the cocoa more loveable--if you like brownies and cuddly, chocolate-y chocolate. (Many people prefer it over the less processed original or raw form.)

A small amount of cocoa powder rapidly transforms almost any item into a brownie-flavored dessert. I mixed 1 Tablespoon of today's cocoa powder into a bowl of mixed nuts (that were lightly coated in coconut oil). The powder instantly coated the nuts and turned the mixture into a rich, ebony-colored, nut brownie-flavored melange. (Success!)

Ingredients: "Cocoa - processed with alkali"

Allergen-related information: "May contain tree nuts, wheat, soy, milk and egg." 


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