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Rowe of Venice - Cacao Nibs superfood snack - Mar. 23, 2021

Chocolate of the Day

Rowe of Venice 
Cacao Nibs superfood snack
Good ++
Weight: .75 oz. (21.25 g.) / 1.5 oz. (42.5 g.) in total package
Calories: 80 calories in 1/2 package 
Cost: $5.99 for 1 package
Purchased from: FarmFresh to You CSA box, add-on item 

Welcome to Day #2 of Chocolate and NOPQ Theme Week, in which chocolate items are featured with flavor inclusions and origins that begin with the letters of N, O, P and/or Q.

Today's organic, Cacao Nibs raw, vegan superfood snack squares were from Rowe of Venice (Los Angeles, CA).

Cacao nibs are the essence of cacao. They are pieces of cacao bean used to make chocolate. And as long as they are high-quality (well sorted) nibs, they are great a la carte too. They add true chocolate (brownie), almost nutty, and occasionally fruity/fermented flavor--as well as a soft, crunchy texture to any chocolate item. 

This was absolutely true for today's Cacao Nibs "superfood snack." The small squares were peppered with nibs, and offered a super-sized, substantial, satisfying tasting experience. (*The fact that they were made with organic ingredients was an added bonus.)

These squares had a rich, authentic cocoa and coconut aroma, and flavor. The nibs, together with cocoa powder, created divinely true cacao/chocolate flavor with very slight earth, cream and fermented flavor notes. 

*Ground almonds added protein. And nibs, nuts and coconut all contributed some natural plant fat/oils. A little fat and protein makes chocolate snacks more filling, and more satisfying than items that are high in sugars or carbohydrate content. For me, this holds true whether I'm on a walk in the hills, or sitting around indoors.

Last, but not least, these agave nectar-sweetened snack squares weren't too sweet (thank you!).

*Ingredients: "Organic almonds, organic unsweetened shredded coconut, organic cacao powder, organic raw blue agave nectar, organic raw cacao nibs, organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, Himalayan Pink Salt. Gratitude."

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