Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Volo Chocolate - Cacao Nibs (PISA, Haiti) - Aug. 12, 2020

Chocolate of the Day

Volo Chocolate
Cacao Nibs - Source: PISA, Haiti
Good ++
Weight: 1 oz. (28.3 g.) / 8 oz. (226 g.) in total package
Calories: 145 calories (estimate) in 1 oz. (28.3 g.) serving
Cost: $10.00 for 1 package
Purchased from: Volo Chocolate, online order

Welcome to Day #9 of Cocoa Nibs Theme Week.

Today's Cacao Nibs were from Volo Chocolate (Windsor, CA). The company's two (married) chefs, Jeff and Susan Mall, have discerning palettes and hand craft, bean-to-bar chocolate bars, most with flavor inclusions. They also offered these Cacao Nibs from Haiti.

These nibs had a slight fermented (wine) aroma with deep cocoa and nut notes. (The fermented note was not noticeable when eating the nibs.)

The texture had a crunchy, roasted nut-like quality bite, followed by smooth and rich, accessible cacao chew and flavor. The flavor was consistent, with no off notes. There was also delicate, fleeting faint green-floral and marshmallow notes.

Overall, these nibs had a well-balanced, attractive cacao flavor. (I'd be happy eating these nibs a la carte. However, I'll likely try blending them with a light orange or nut infused spirit or liqueur, and various other sweet and savory dishes and bars.)

Ingredients: Source: PISA (Produits Des Iles SA) is a cocoa processor and exporter located in northern Haiti.

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