Friday, May 15, 2020

Moka Origins - Organic Toffee Almond Dark Chocolate 72% Cacao (bar) - May 15, 2020

Chocolate of the Day: 

Moka Origins
Toffee Almond Dark Chocolate 72% Cacao (bar)
Good +++
Weight: 2.4 oz. (68 g.) in total bar
Calories: 360 calories in 1 bar
Cost: $8.95 (+ shipping) for 1 bar
Purchased from: Moka Origins, online order

Welcome to Day #1 of Chocolate, Caramel and Toffee Theme Week.

Today's Toffee Almond Dark Chocolate 72% Cacao (bar) was made by Moka Origins (Honesdale, PA).

Moka Origins was founded in 2015 with a focus on small batch chocolate and coffee. The founders, Ishan Tigunait and Jeff Abella, gained farm and community development experience in Cameroon. This initial project expanded to ethically sourced coffee and cacao partnerships in Uganda and elsewhere in cacao-producing countries, and chocolate making and coffee offerings in Pennsylvania.

Their organic Toffee Almond bar tasted fresh, and was a satisfying blend of smooth, almost creamy 72% cacao dark chocolate (Uganda cacao) with dark dense flavor and traces of balanced acidity and earth notes; authentic flecks of toffee--made with real unsalted butter and kosher salt; and pieces of roasted organic almonds.*

People don't believe me when I tell them I've been eating a different chocolate every day (usually grouped into theme weeks) for almost 14 years, and I don't really care for sugar. Once a year I generally run a theme week featuring chocolates that contain caramel and/or toffee. And most of them are too sweet for my taste; but I continue to search for favorites in this category.

Today's Moka Origins bar was perfect for those who don't want to feel overwhelmed by sugar. The toffee flecks in the dark chocolate offered sparkles of warm caramelized sugar, without hitting a wall of sweetness. The judicious flecks (combined with the specific chocolate) allowed one to actually taste the flavor nuances in the chocolate underneath, generally impossible with most chocolates with caramel fillings or toffee inclusions.

*Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic toffee (organic cane sugar, organic unsalted butter, Kosher salt), organic cocoa butter, organic roasted almonds.

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