Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Chapon Chocolatier - Colombie (Colombia) mini bar - April 29, 2020

Chocolate of the Day: 

Chapon Chocolatier
Colombie ( Colombia) bar
Good + - Good ++
Weight: .176 oz. (5 g.) / 6.35 oz. (180 g.) in total box of 36 mini bars
Calories: 27.7 calories in 1 mini bar
Cost: $45.00 for 1 box of 36 mini bars
Purchased from: Chocolate Covered, San Francisco, CA

Welcome to Day #4 of Chocolate and Colombia Theme Week.

Today's Colombie (Colombia) 70% dark chocolate mini bar was from Chapon Chocolatier (Paris, France).

The artful packaging for this Chapon single origin bar assortment box was suitable for framing with beautiful miniature imagery on the outer wrappers and copper foil inner wrappers).

This collection box brought back childhood memories of going through a jewelry box full of mesmerizing baubles and gems. Each tiny bar was individually wrapped masterpiece carefully stacked its place (sorted by country of origin) in the collection. (Maybe this is the thrill that stamp collectors feel when they're looking at their prize specimens?)

The Colombie 70% bar had a buttery, creamy melt and mouthfeel, and light fruit, floral and nut flavor notes. It was smooth in taste while still retaining some identifiable flavor elements.

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