Monday, December 24, 2018

Gracie Jones Gluten Free Bake Shop - Dec. 24, 2018

Chocolate of the Day: 

Gracie Jones Gluten Free Bake Shop
Chocolate Peppermint Cookie
Weight: unknown
Calories: unknown 
Cost: $3.00 for 1 cookie
Purchased from: Gracie Jones Gluten Free Bake Shop

Happy Holidays to all.

Today's Chocolate Peppermint (gluten-free) cookie was from Gracie Jones Gluten Free Bake Shop* (Palo Alto, CA).

This sweet, chocolate cookie tasted like a "real" cookie (or what I remember a traditional cookie with wheat tastes like from 20 years ago**). It had just the right amount of chew and crunch and chocolate cookie flavor. A festive sprinkle of peppermint candy contributed tiny micro-bursts of mint contrast.

*This gluten free bake shop, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, was first spotted many months ago with a small "Pied Piper" sign in the front—presumably a reference to a small, fictional, technology start-up featured at the heart of the television series, Silicon Valley, that was fictionally based blocks from where this shop was operating. Happily open hours have expanded since then.

**Twenty years ago I stopped eating wheat and gluten. I felt (and continue to feel) much better without gluten. Without this hurdle to overcome, I never would have started Chocolate Banquet, or felt so grateful to have discovered 4,500+ chocolate items (or items with chocolate in them) to try over the past 12+ years, made by many wonderful people. Thank you to all.

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