Sunday, August 7, 2016

Chocolate, Fruits and Botanicals Month

Chocolate, Fruit and Botanicals Month
August 7, 2016

While not every food item benefits from being mixed with chocolate, most fruits, seeds and edible plants/flower can be blended successfully with chocolate in some way. I've been researching this subject for 10 years and have eaten chocolate with 100s of other plant-based (and non-plant based items).

Fragrant black peppercorns? Chili peppers? Dried fruits, flowers? Nuts? Herbs and spices? Yes, all of these, and many more.

Pure dark chocolate is a plant food after all, made from the ground seeds (aka beans) found at the center of a fruity-pulp lined pod. So perhaps its ability to complement and/or enhance other botanical items isn't a surprise.

As part of the countdown to my 10-year anniversary of eating a different chocolate every day (September 10-11, 2016), I'll be featuring chocolates that incorporate other plant items for the next month. 

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