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Wildway - Java Chip Grain Free Hot Cereal - Mar. 18, 2016

Chocolate(s) of the Day:

Wildway, LLC
Grain Free Instant Hot Cereal
Weight: unknown (1 sample packet)
Calories: 250 calories (estimate) for 1 serving
Cost: N/A - sample
Purchased from: N/A - sample

Today I continued to transition from a Nicaragua special edition (chocolate field trip) week to a Chocolate and Coconut Theme Week.

This sample packet of Wildway, LLC (San Antonio, TX) Java Chip instant hotel cereal was certified gluten free (made in a dedicated facility) and paleo friendly—good for those who want a breakfast cereal without the carbs or added sugar. This packet was also a perfect travel size for this week's Nicaragua trip.

In addition to walnuts, ground flaxseed, cashews and pecans, dates, cocoa nibs and espresso, this hot cereal (which I also enjoyed cold) contained coconut flour and vanilla bean. Add hot water (or cold coconut milk), and stir.

Enjoying Small Batch Bars in Nicaragua

This past week's chocolate field trip through Nicaragua was filled with visits to cacao farms, chocolate tastings, and discussions with chocolatemakers.

We were also traveling with two North American chocolatemakers on our Nicaragua trip. We enjoyed the fruits of their labor -- in bar form.

The first bar was a Sura Dominican Republic 68% dark bar, (bio and equitable) crafted by Christine Sura (Montreal). Alas, these great bars are only made a few times a year, but keep an eye out for her small batch bars.

The other two bars we enjoyed tasting were Lonohona (Hawaii) bars, made by Seneca Klassen -- who also farms single estate cacao.*

The Lonohana Pina Colada bar with two kinds of fat, cacao butter and coconut oil, and was extra creamy. We also enjoyed a second delicious Lonohana bar with cacao nibs.

To buy Lonohana bars like this, you may need to be a member of the company's Lonohana Chocolate Club (similar to a CSA). Or, visit the website to see what's available (or the factory if you're in Oahu).

*Vertical integration like this is relatively unusual, and involves a lot of work. Hats off to Seneca and team.

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