Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spicely - Sage Lavender Orange chocolate - June 24, 2015

Chocolate of the Day: 

Spicely Organic Spices
Sage Lavender Orange chocolate
Weight: .5 oz. (14.1 g.) in 1 small box of discs
Calories: 75 calories (estimate) in 1 small box
Cost: $2.49 for 1 small box of discs
Purchased from: Piazza's Find Foods, Palo Alto, CA

Yesterday, was the conclusion of Chocolate and Orange Theme Week. But the faint warm citrus aroma of Orange Week past carried over to today's Sage Lavender and Orange chocolate, and Day #1 of Chocolate and Botanicals Theme Week.

Botanicals are substances obtained from plants used as flavor and aroma additions in drinks and foods.

Spicely Organic Spices Inc. (Fremont, CA) produces a line of organic herbs and tea, and herb and tea infused chocolates. I imagine having all those good herbs, spices and other botanicals must lead to robust creative experimentation when developing chocolate flavor inclusions.

Today's organic, kosher, thin, round discs of Sage Lavender and Orange were made with creamy 60% dark chocolate, infused with sage, lavender and orange.

I like all of these ingredients separately. Does that mean the combination will work? Not necessarily. Flavor balancing is an art. The resulting herby-floral-fruit blend did work though. Individual flavors were layered and detectable if you focused on them (or re-tasted a few times); and I found this chocolate evoked a slight rosemary-like flavor note, which upon re-tasting had morphed into sage. Go figure.

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