Monday, June 1, 2015

Cup of Life - Fire and Ice Tea + Chocolate - June 1, 2015

Chocolate of the Day: 

Spicely Organic Chocolate
Cinnamon Sichuan
Good - Good +
Weight: .5 oz. (14 g.) in 1 small box/package
Calories: 75 calories (estimate) in 1 package
Cost: $N/A - sample
Purchased from: N/A - Spicely retail store, San Francisco, CA

Today was Day #7 of Chocolate Tea and Beverage Theme Weeks.

I occasionally receive samples of chocolate items to try. Today I'm including two sweet and spicy items that fit into this chocolate and tea-themed week.

The Spicely Organics line of chocolates and teas sprang from the company's heritage as a spice company (Organic Spices Inc., Fremont, CA). Some of their chocolate bars (featured earlier this week) incorporate tea, spices and herbs.

Today's Organic, 60% dark chocolate Cinnamon Sichuan chocolate discs or drops.

I enjoyed these chocolate discs with a glass of iced, Fire and Ice Tea with milk. This caffeine-free organic whole leaf tea bag was from Cup of Life, and contained organic rooibos, strawberry pieces, goji berries, green chili, "Saff flower" and cranberry flavor. (I reviewed another Cup of Life tea with cocoa earlier this week.) The chili was very subtle, and balanced with the other flavors.

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