Thursday, April 2, 2015

Momotombo - Quetzal chocolates - April 2, 2015

Chocolate of the Day: 

Momotombo Chocolate
Quetzal chocolates
Weight: 4.3 oz. (121.7 g.) in total box of 15 pieces
Calories: 620 calories (estimate) in 15 pieces (1 box)
Cost: $22 for 1 box of 15 pieces
Purchased from: The Chocolate Garage, Palo Alto, CA

Today was Day #2 of Chocolate and Nicaragua Theme Week.

It's difficult to find Nicaraguan chocolate in the U.S., so I'm happy live near The Chocolate Garage (Palo Alto, CA). They carry a full line of Momotombo chocolates (including some made just for the Garage). I purchased several for this theme week.

Carlos Mann at Momotombo works to honor and preserve fine Nicaraguan cacao, and also provides training to locals who work in the company's small artisan factory.

Momotombo's Quetzal* chocolates, like yesterday's Fiery Jungle Queen chocolates, came packaged 15 bean-shaped, chocolate covered pieces to a box.

I was surprised when I bit into the first piece. Instead of a soft or gooey center like you might find in other confections or filled chocolates, a tiny shower of seeds (chia, sesame, linseed (aka flaxseeds)) and coconut tumbled out. This unique, malty flavored seed mix was very satisfying -- and was refreshingly cereal-like and un-sweet. I found myself eating the whole box for breakfast. Expensive breakfast, but I'd like to think one that a quetzal bird might approve of.

*The Quetzal bird was a sacred symbol to the Aztecs and Maya peoples. The Resplendent Quetzal (one of five species of  Quetzal (part of the Trogon family) in Central America) is said to be one of the most beautiful birds in the Americas. This bird with bright green plumage can be found in the cloud forests (tree canopies) of Nicaragua and neighboring countries.

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