Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Schogetten - Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts - Dec. 23, 2014

Chocolate of the Day: 

Ludwig Schokolade GmbH and Co. KG
(a member of the Kruger Group)
Schogetten - Alpine Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts
Good ++
Weight: 1.378 oz. (39 g.) / 3.5 oz. (100 g.) in total package of 18 pieces
Calories: 224 calories in 7-piece serving
Cost: $ unknown (lost receipt)
Purchased from: Crossroads Specialty Foods, Palo Alto, CA

Today was Day #6 of Chocolate and Hazelnut Theme Week, and time for a German chocolate + hazelnut blend.

This "Schogetten - Alpine Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts" offering was from Ludwig Schokolade (a member of the Kruger Group, based in Germany).

Unlike many bars that are scored in a rectangular pattern that can be broken off into rectangular pieces, this milk chocolate with hazelnut product came packaged as 18 separate squares tightly nestled together in a bar shaped wrapper, making it easier to share with others.

The milk chocolate squares were smooth and quite good; bits of hazelnuts added the right amount of crunchy texture and flavor.

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