Saturday, October 11, 2014

Schar - Chocolate Sandwich Cremes - Oct. 11, 2014

Chocolate of the Day: 

Chocolate Sandwich Cremes
Good - Good +
Weight: .88 oz. (25 g.) / 5.3 oz. (150 g.) in total package
Calories: 130 calories in 2 cookies
Cost: $3.99 for 1 package
Purchased from: Piazza's Fine Foods, Palo Alto, CA

Today was Day #11 of Chocolate and Gluten Free Cookie Theme Week.

These gluten-free, chocolate flavored* cookies from Schar (Germany/Lyndhurst, NJ) were crunchy and fresh tasting. Sweet and a bit starchy (corn starch) they were not overly so on either count.

These are the kind of cookies I would have loved in my lunch in grade school. I would have loved their smaller size, embossed detail and inherent cuteness -- then as now. (And there would have been no side effects from gluten**.)

*Both the biscuit and the filling contained cocoa powder. 
** Schar cookies are made in a dedicated (gluten-free) facility.

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