Monday, October 20, 2014

jcoco - edamame bar, brownie - Oct. 20, 2014

Chocolate of the Day: 

(created by Jean Thompson, Seattle Chocolates)
edamame sea salt in milk chocolate bar
Good ++
Weight: 1 oz. (28 g.) / part of a 6 pack of jcoco small bars
Calories: 250 calories (estimate) = 1/3 bar (+ 1 brownie with pieces of bar)
Cost: N/A - gift from a friend (thank you Toni!) ($18.00)
Purchased from: N/A - gift from a friend

Today was Day #7 of Chocolate and Brownie Theme Week.

Edamame (green soybeans) may not be the first flavor that pops to mind when dreaming up a new brownie.

However, there is much to be said for chocolate desserts with a savory kick. And armed with this belief, I created today's Asian-themed brownie cookies. Say what you will, mixing these up was great fun.

To a gluten-free brownie mix, I added finely chopped black sesame crackers, sea salt, a dash of tamari sauce, and chopped up most of a jcoco* edamame sea salt in milk chocolate bar (after tasting this bar by itself). The non-GMO and kosher bar had a good buttery milk chocolate melt/texture with crunchy pieces of roasted edamame and a slight hint of sea salt and soy sauce**.

The brownie cookies were chewy, slightly sweet and slightly savory, and were topped with a few roasted edamame. They worked for me, but may not be everyone's favorite.

*The jcoco brand is part of Seattle Chocolate Company.
**This bar probably contained a trace of wheat from the small amount of soy sauce.

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