Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lucienne's - Orange Sugar Free Dark bar - May 19, 2014

Chocolate of the Day: 

Orange Sugar Free 83% Dark Chocolate bar
Weight: .8 oz. (22.68 g.) / 2 oz. (56.7 g.) in total bar
Calories: 100 calories in 2/5 of 1 bar
Cost: $4.50 for 1 bar
Purchased from: SweetE Organic, Mill Valley, CA

Today was Day #7 of Chocolate and Ecuador Theme Week, and Day #1 of Chocolate and Fruit Salad Theme Week.

The chocolate of the day, an Orange Sugar Free 83% Dark Chocolate bar was from Lucienne's (Trumansburg, NY). Lucienne's is a bean-to-bar chocolatemaker using cacao beans from Ecuador (and Peru).

Today's Orange stevia-sweetened bar was made from Ecuadorian Antigua Nacional cocoa. Orange oil added a bright, bittersweet citrus fruit flavor to this dark (83% cacao) but smooth bar.

Lucienne's chocolate bars are sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. This Orange bar had 1 Net Carb and 46 grams of fiber per serving (1/2 bar). I had a bit less than this (2/5 bar), and also enjoyed a small orange fruit salad for dessert. (1 medium fresh, orange contains an estimated 12 Net Carbs and 3 grams of fiber. Net net: A serving of this chocolate would probably be less likely to raise blood sugar than most fruit salads.

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