Thursday, November 21, 2013

Barlovento - Meyer Lemon Zest - Nov. 21, 2013

Chocolate of the Day: 

Barlovento Chocolates
Meyer Lemon Zest truffle
Good ++
Weight: .4 oz. (11.32 g.) in 1 truffle
Calories: 60 calories (estimate) in 1 truffle
Cost: $2.00 (estimate) for 1 truffle
Purchased from: Barlovento Chocolates (table at Marin Civic Center Thursday Farmers Market)

I'm often asked: "After 7 years, where do I find new chocolates to try?" My answer is: Everywhere! After 7 years, I'm still finding new chocolatiers where I live, in the San Francisco Bay Area, to say nothing of the rest of the world.

Today I drove up to the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market (north of San Francisco, CA) to buy a few Meyer Lemon Zest truffles from Barlovento Chocolates (Oakland, CA). It was worth the drive. I enjoyed meeting the Barlovento rep. and other vendors at the Farmers Market -- and tasting delicious foodstuffs.

The Meyer Lemon dark chocolate truffle, decorated with thin, lemon yellow squiggles, was filled with a very creamy ganache infused with authentic tasting Meyer lemon zest. The Meyer lemon has a sunnier, sweeter flavor than other varieties; and it pairs well with chocolate.

Today was Day #5 of Chocolate and Lemon Theme Week. And Meyer lemons have been well represented thus far.

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