Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chai Tea Caramel - June 29, 2013

Chocolate of the Day: 

Sixth Course
Chai Tea Caramel
Good + - Very Good
Calories: 60 calories (estimate) in 1 caramel
Cost: $15.49 for one 6-piece Caramel Sampler box
Purchased from: Buyer's Best Friend, San Francisco Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

I spent a blissful hour meandering through the Farmers Market outside the San Francisco Ferry Building this morning. Once in the Ferry Building I bumped into the Buyer's Best Friend retail shop/nook, and bought a few new chocolates, including a 6-piece Caramel Sampler from local chocolatier, Sixth Course.

Sixth Course has created a line of truffles and caramels. Many are artful combinations of sweet and savory flavors. Today's Chai Tea Caramel was flavorful and delicious -- described as "a tea party for your taste buds." I think I would agree with this statement.

Bite into this round milk chocolate (38%) covered beauty and experience lovely cardamom and chai tea flavors infused into a flowing caramel. Sixth Course used organic cream and butter, and partnered with local San Francisco Bay Area vendors for other quality ingredients, for example, Numi's Organic Golden Chai tea.

Today was Day #2 of Chocolate and Chai Theme Week.

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