Friday, March 22, 2013

Coracao Espresso Truffle - March 21, 2013

Chocolate(s) of the Day:

Coracao Confections
Espresso Truffle
Good - Good +
Weight: .66 oz. (18.6 g.) (estimate) for 1 truffle/ 3.29 oz. (93 g.) in 1 box
Calories: 99 calories (estimate)
Cost: $11.19 (sale) for 1 5-piece Collection box
Purchased from: Coracao Confections (online)

Welcome to Day #5 of Chocolate and Espresso Theme Week.

For a lunchtime treat, I enjoyed an Espresso truffle from Coracao Confections (Emeryville, CA). At the center of this plump, dark cream puff of a chocolate was a whipped bouffant of dark chocolate ganache. Coated with dark chocolate, and topped with a coffee bean, this truffle was creamy soft and delivered its espresso payload with a naughty, yet virtuous, smile. Coracao used healthy, high-quality ingredients (coconut palm sugar helped defuse the sugar bomb) in their 5-piece Collection box.

Because of a 6-mile hike in the hills this afternoon filled with deer, bunnies, and spring wildflowers, I managed to justify a second chocolate item. For an after-dinner dessert, I consumed an entire slice of flourless (gluten free) chocolate cake at Aqui restaurant (in Cupertino, CA). On top of this rich, coffee-flavored cake sat a very generous, fluffy mound of coffee-flavored whipped cream.

Summary of today's espresso flavored chocolates. I was wired. And now I'm tired. Best to all, and good night.

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