Thursday, August 23, 2012

Preview - The Chocolate Bar

- Preview - 

The Chocolate Bar
Truffle plate
Good +
Weight: not known (5 truffles + sauce)
Calories: blissfully unaware of this number
Cost: $7.00 for plate of 8 truffles
Purchased from: The Chocolate Bar, at Northstar/Truckee, CA

Chocolate in northern Nevada? Why yes. And not just milk chocolates modeled after gold and silver nuggets, log cabins, or tiny versions of Lake Tahoe.

An elegantly designed bar and restaurant, The Chocolate Bar we visited on this warm August afternoon was located at Northstar (near Truckee, CA), in the village area with several shops. The Bar was next to a ski area gondola lift and is likely bustling with activity and skiers during the winter ski season. (There was also a Chocolate Bar in Reno, NV, not far away from this location.)

The Chocolate Bar seemed more geared to adults, serving chocolate drinks, including a chocolate martini. Desserts included chocolate fondue and house-made chocolate truffles. After a lunch entree that also contained a hint of chocolate in a sauce, we finished up our meal with 8 truffles, on a white plate that had been drizzled with white chocolate and raspberry sauces. Nice presentation.

I'm planning to return later this year to include at least one of these chocolate items as my Chocolate of the Day.

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