Sunday, January 29, 2012

ChocolateBet: January 29, 2012

Chocolate(s) of the Day: 

Vosges Haut Chocolat
1.) Smoked Tomato milagro heart - Good + - Very Good
2.) Red Fire milagro heart - Very Good

Welcome to Day #1 of Chocolate + Hearts and Flowers Theme Week.

Nothing says Valentines Day is coming up in two weeks like flaming chocolate milagro (miracle) hearts.

Vosges (Chicago) offered three different flavored hearts this season. Featured today: the company's 1.) Smoked Tomato heart (smoked tomato, toffee and 62% cacao dark chocolate); and 2.) Red Fire heart with Mexican ancho and chipotle chillies, Ceylon cinnamon and 55% cacao dark chocolate.

I was very interested in trying the Smoked Tomato flavor. The best part: biting into pieces with smoked flavor, without too big a piece of tomato (think smoky sun-dried tomato fragments). Too much tomato in a bite may add a sharper, acidic element that may not appeal to everyone. Even better: alternating bites of Smoked Tomato and Red Fire hearts. Both hearts had a slightly uneven distribution of flavor spikes, which added interest and an element of surprise. Two hearts in one -- can't get more Valentinian than that.

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