Thursday, November 10, 2011

ChocolateBet: November 10, 2011

Chocolate(s) of the Day:

1.) 1 serving
Gourmet Nut
Body Boosting Antioxidant Mix
Good+ - Very Good
Weight: 1 oz. (28 g.)/ 9 oz. (255 g.) total bag
Calories: 165 calories
Cost: $3.99 total bag/package
Purchased from: Marshalls, Mountain View, CA

2.) 1 serving
99% Limited Edition Peru-Ecuador
Weight: .535 oz. (15 g.)
Calories: 77 calories
Cost: $3.99
Purchased from: TCHO, in San Francisco, CA

Today was the second day of Chocolate and Blueberries Theme Week. I was excited to find a trail-style mix with nuts, dark chocolate chips, dried blueberries, and other dried fruits.

This Antioxidant Mix from Gourmet Nut was very good. Only one problem. For some odd reason, there were no dark chocolate chips in this bag. So, I ate this mix with a 99% Limited Edition small dark chocolate (Organic, Fair Trade) bar/square from TCHO (San Francisco, CA). The cacao in this bar hailed from "Peru-Ecuador" and it tasted somewhat acidic and flat, but richly dark nonetheless -- with no sugar to interfere with or soften this flavor.

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