Monday, August 15, 2011

ChocolateBet: August 15, 2011

Chocolate of the Day:

1 piece
fleurir chocolates
Lavender Shiraz
Good +
Weight: .4 oz. (11.2 g.) (estimate) / 9 oz., 18-piece assortment box
Calories: 60 calories (estimate)
Cost: $ part of a larger, 18-piece, $34.00 assortment box
Purchased from: fleurir chocolates, via

Today was #6 of Chocolate and Flower Theme Week. As often happens, I wonder, after eating almost 1,800 different chocolates already, how I'll manage to find 7 different, new chocolates for a theme week like this. But, many of us are lucky to live in such an abundant chocolate universe that such a thing is possible.

Lavender and Rose tend to be the most popular floral flavors co-mingled with chocolate. Today's chocolate from fleurir  (Washington, D.C.) adds a hint of Australian Shiraz (red wine) to Maryland lavender for something a little different. Both of these flavors in the ganache were fairly subtle. It's difficult to tell whether this low-key flavor burst was chosen as the optimal blend, was the preference of the chocolate chef, or whether the two flavors might have neutralized each other a bit. I'm curious to try sipping a red wine or two with a lavender chocolate. More research is called for. Fortunately, I have friends who will help compare notes.

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