Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ChocolateBet: May 24, 2011

Chocolate of the Day:
2/3 piece
Banyan Tree Deli and Bakery
Marshmallows with peanut butter, chocolate, coconut
Good + - Very Good
Weight: unknown
Calories: 350 calories (estimate)
Cost: $
Purchased from: Banyan Tree Deli and Bakery, in Lahaina (Maui), Hawaii

Thank you to Darren Hagobian at Banyan Tree Deli and Bakery for packing this chocolate creation "to go" yesterday; we enjoyed it as a mid-morning snack at the airport this morning. It sure beat the heck out of most airport snacks.

The Banyan Tree Deli and Bakery was located on the busy Front Street in Lahaina. The bakery items with chocolate were wonderfully creative and unique, including chocolate covered Spam and chocolate covered bacon.

Sadly, the chocolate covered Spam was sold out; however, this generously sized marshmallow and chocolate item was available. It was composed of three large marshmallows on a stick, rolled/slathered in peanut butter, chocolate and coconut.  The marshmallows were fresh and deliciously spongey-light and over-sweet. The peanut butter under-layer was a nice surprise and helped balance out the sugar sweet marshmallows.

The chocolate coating on this item (and the chocolate covered bacon that I tried yesterday) had great chocolate frosting taste and texture -- made with just the right blend of bittersweet and sweeter chocolates.

Today was Day #11 of Chocolate and Coconut Theme Week.

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