Sunday, April 24, 2011

ChocolateBet: April 24, 2011

Chocolate of the Day
9 small pieces
L.A. Burdick
Bunny Box
Good + - Very Good
Weight: unknown
Calories: unknown
Purchased from: L.A. Burdick, Walpole, NH

Happy Easter to all -- a huge day for Easter egg hunts, chocolate eggs and rabbits in the U.S.

Given this occasion, L.A. Burdick's Bunny Box seemed to be a great chocolate choice. Today was also Day #26 of Chocolate Egg Appreciation Theme Month. The Bunny Box, with a mix of bunnies, eggs and more, was carried out to the backyard for a chocolate garden feast. Overcast skies didn't deter us.

Out of the wooden box, I selected two chocolate bunnies (white chocolate outside with creamy chocolate filling, and ears made of almonds); 4 flavored marzipan eggs; and 3 different chocolate truffles. The remainder of this box was shared with others. Thank you to Emily and Alec for tasting help.

But these aren't chocolate eggs, some of you may be thinking. Yes, I discovered belatedly that the little fruit marzipan eggs didn't contain any chocolate; but these little gems were packed so closely together that the bunnies were wearing specks of egg sugar on their cheeks, so I made an exception here.

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