Monday, December 13, 2010

ChocolateBet: December 13, 2010

Chocolate of the Day:

1 Bar
See's Candies
Walnut Square Bar
Good +
Weight: 1.5 oz. (43 g.)
Calories: 240 calories
Cost: $4.00
Purchased from: See's Candies/Benicia Main Street store, in old depot; Benicia, CA

Yesterday I went walking on the other side of San Francisco Bay, to the little town of Benicia -- a city with several historic buildings, built close to the water. Located in a restored railroad depot building (shown at right) by the Bay (along the Bay Trail), was a small See's Candies shop, run by the Benicia Main Street organization. Since this week is Dark Chocolate and Nuts Theme Week, I felt obligated to duck inside and pick up a See's Walnut Square Bar (caramel and walnuts coated in dark chocolate).

I have memories of growing up in California in a house with three walnut trees in the yard; and I attended Almond Elementary School. So I wanted to honor my nutty California heritage and include both walnuts and almonds in this week's theme week. California is still a large nut producer, but those of us who have seen orchards disappear and transform into Silicon Valley, we now have to drive further to see actual nut trees.

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