Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ChocolateBet: November 22, 2010

Chocolate(s) of the Day:

1.) 1 serving
Almond Dream Almond Drink
+ Valrhona Cocoa Powder + Molasses and Gingerbread Spices
= Chocolate Gingerbread Almond Smoothie
Very Good
Weight: 5 oz. (140 g.) serving
Calories: 85 calories (estimate)
Cost: $1.99 (Almond Drink) + other ingredients
Purchased from: The Almond Drink was from Whole Foods in Los Altos; Valrhona Cocoa Powder was from Whole Foods in Redwood City; and spices were from my kitchen cabinets.

2.) One .5 fluid oz. sip
World Market
Gingerbread Cocoa Mix
Good ++
Weight: .5 fl. oz. (14 g.) serving/ 8 oz. (226 g.) total container (cocoa mix)
Calories: 20 calories (estimate)
Cost: $5.99 for total container (dry mix)
Purchased from: World Market, in Mountain View, CA

Today was Day #6 of Chocolate and Gingerbread Theme Week, and today I tried one cold smoothie and 1 hot beverage that incorporated chocolate and gingerbread flavors.

The cold chocolate gingerbread almond smoothie drink, was surprisingly good. And, no blender to wash. I was able to use the half-full container that held the Almond Dream Almond Drink (aka almond milk) as a blender -- i.e. to shake these ingredients together and make this smoothie. I followed the recipe on the carton for a chocolate smoothie, substituting Valrhona dark cocoa powder in place of chocolate syrup, and adding a 1/2 teaspoon of gingerbread "sauce" (molasses, brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, and other spices) to the mix. Just shake and you've got a healthy version of a chocolate gingerbread almond milkshake.

The hot beverage was made from World Market's Gingerbread Cocoa Mix. It was a bit sweeter than my non-dairy almond smoothie (above), and quite good as well.

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