Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ChocolateBet: August 25, 2010

Chocolate of the Day:
2 pieces
1.) Wild Fennel Truffle - Good + - Very Good
2.) Cardomom Truffle - Good + - Very Good
Weight: .8 oz. (22.6 g.) (estimate) in 2 pieces
Calories: 119 calories (estimate) in 2 pieces
Cost: $3.75 for 2 pieces
Purchased from: The Xocolate Bar, in Berkeley, CA

Today I enjoyed two chocolates from (an earlier chocolate field trip to) The Xocolate Bar in Berkeley, CA. I like being able to taste natural spices and flavorings when they're blended and balanced well with chocolate. Both the wild fennel and the cardomom made their presence known in these chocolates.

The Xocolate Bar makes a variety of interesting chocolates (such as banana jerky, ginger bark, and naturally flavored chocolates). However, they may be most well known for their attractive and interesting molded chocolates (e.g. a chocolate buddha). The chocolate coverings are a bit hard and thick on these molded pieces. This means the chocolates hold their shape and don't leak; however, I would be interested to try some with thinner "shells" so I could enjoy more of the ganaches/fillings.

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