Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ChocolateBet: August 17, 2010

Chocolate of the Day:
5 pieces
Michael Mischer Chocolates
Five filled chocolates:
1.) Lavender and Honey
2.) Lilikoi (Passion Fruit)
3.) Tamarind
4.) Champagne
5.) Port Wine

Very Good
Weight: 2.25 oz. (63.6 g.) (estimate) for 5 pieces
Calories: 337 calories (estimate) for 5 pieces
Cost: $9.10 (estimate) for 5 pieces
Purchased from: Michael Mischer Chocolates, Oakland, CA

There was no crazy chocolate theme week going on today. Instead I enjoyed an assortment of filled chocolates, purchased earlier  from Michael Mischer Chocolates, located in Oakland, CA.

All these individual pieces were good. However, I do enjoy lavender; and so, no surprise, my favorite chocolate was the Lavender and Honey chocolate (log shape with purple dot), followed by the Lilikoi -- a small dome-shaped chocolate, decorated with a yellow brushstroke. I liked the butterscotch-like caramelized filling with a hint of passion fruit.

I was going to save chocolates #3 - #5 for tomorrow, but they served as my lunch instead. In keeping with my plan to replace all normal meals with chocolate today, I later attended an evening chocolate tasting (dinner) at Fog City News in San Francisco. Thank you to Fog City for the tasting and for carrying a wide variety of interesting chocolates.

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