Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ChocolateBet: December 1, 2009

Chocolate of the Day:
1 shoe
Barbie - Dylan's Candy Bar (Distrib. by Galerie)
Weight: .74 oz. (21 g.) for 1 shoe/1.48 oz. (42 g.) total box
Calories: 120 calories for 1 shoe
Cost: $16.00 for 1 pair/1 box
Purchased from: Neiman Marcus, in San Francisco, CA

"Would you like the left shoe, or the right shoe?" I asked my daughter. Eating a chocsimile of a famous make-believe doll's shoe. I'm not sure how we got here, but it's fun, isn't it. All except the price. Ouch. At $16.00, girlish fantasy doesn't come cheap. The chocolate was OK, but the hot pink and black packaging was very snazzy, very hip Barbie.


muscle_messiah said...

Great concept! I hope someone out there in cyberworld will see all the efforts you've put in and how much fun you've had along the way and do a version of Julie Julia au chocolat :)

I'm also a chocolate connoisseur but mostly with raw chocolate.

I grew up in the Bay Area and lived around the world and now in France where chocolate consumption per capita is the third in the world next to the Belgians I think.

We have an amazing array of chocolates and especially now for the Holidays. I'll think of you're goodies when I bite into our local "buche de Noel" that's made with Ganache, praline and the best ever dark chocolate :)

Cheers! I look forward to future posts.


Corinne DeBra said...

Thanks for the message MM! France must be a great place to study the ways of chocolate.

muscle_messiah said...

I just made a raw version of nutella. All I can say is that it comes pretty close without all the sugar and fake flavors.

Yup indeed we have a huge chocolate contest here done every year open to chefs only that's the creme de la creme of the pastry world. The stuff they come up with are beyond what any chocoholic can imagine-it's that great.

If you ever come to our neck of the woods I will give you some addresses and tips. Belgium has the chocolate museum and worth a visit.

Keep those great posts coming :)

Cheers and chocolates!

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