Monday, November 23, 2009

ChocolateBet: November 23, 2009

Chocolate of the Day:
1 bag (5 coins)
Palmer (R.M. Palmer Co.)
Premium Milk Chocolate Gold Coins
Good +
Weight: 0.81 oz. (23 g.) in 1 bag
Calories: 121 calories (estimate)
Cost: $0.89 for 1 mesh bag of coins
Purchased from: Walgreens, in Palo Alto, CA

In keeping with chocolate money theme week, today we have...more chocolate coinage. This little yellow mesh bag from Palmer contained chocolate versions (chocsimiles) of the following coins:
1.) Two Canada dollars
2.) One U.S. Kennedy dollar
3.) Two Israeli 5 Shekel coins


Marti said...

We own a small chocolate factory in NE Ohio. We are happy to send you some chocolates for your daily enjoyment. We have over 50 different varieties. Happy to share!

Corinne DeBra said...

Marti, pls send me your contact info, and let's talk. Thank you for visiting Chocolate Banquet. = ccd

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