Monday, April 20, 2009

ChocolateBet: April 20, 2009

Chocolate of the Day:
4 pieces (truffle eggs)
Ethel's Chocolate/Mars
Truffle Egg Collection (8 pc. - 4 different flavors) in Egg-Shaped Box
Very Good - Very Good +
1.) Milk Chocolate Truffle with Lemon Ganache - Very Good +
2.) Milk Chocolate Truffle with Mango Passion Ganache - Very Good +
3.) Milk Chocolate Truffle with Key Lime Ganache - Very Good - VG+
4.) Milk Chocolate Truffle with Raspberry Ganache - Very Good
Weight: 2.61 oz. (74 grams)/5.22 oz. (148 grams) total box
Calories: ~ 395 calories in 4 eggs
Cost: $14.00 (sale price for 8-piece box)
Purchased from: Ethel's Chocolate Lounge in the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

These eggs are made from high-quality milk chocolate, and are paired with very nice fruit-flavored centers. The lemon was my favorite; the filling was a perfect blend of lemon curd + lemon meringue. All four flavors are worth trying - if you can find them. These seasonal treats were already on sale when I bought them yesterday.

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