Friday, October 10, 2008

Chocolate Bet: October 10, 2008

Chocolate of the Day:
2 bon bons/pieces
South 'n France
"Peanut Buttah"
Very Good + - these are very nice, hearty bon bons
Wt.: ~ 1 oz. x 2 = 2 oz. total (estim.)
Calories: ~ 150 calories x 2 = 300 calories total (estim.)
Cost: $0
Purchased from: South 'n France, in Wilmington, North Carolina

South 'n France offers bon bons that combine the best of the South with French panache and technique, and more than a dash of fun. ( Founders Charlene Dupray and Pascal Siegler met in Paris, and the later married. Their compay is based in North Carolina. I received a generous sample tin from South 'n France, with different flavors to try.

Today's choice was Peanut Buttah' (second from left in image above). This flavor was very good, and is, I was told, based on an old family recipe. Lots of interesting bits/flavors mixed in with the peanut butter filling. These bon bons are shipped cold, and while I had some reservations about eating chilled chocolates (as I can often taste more flavors at room temperature), these bon bons were excellent cold. I'm looking forward to trying another flavor tomorrow.

I really appreciate package inserts that list all the flavors in an assortment box/tin -- all the better to remember what you liked best, so you can re-order more later. And the card (image above) that South 'n France includes, showing the cut-away view of these bon bons, is even more helpful. (This certainly beats what my younger siblings used to do to find fillings they liked when we were young kids -- actions that resulted in occasionally finding chocolates with a small hole drilled in the bottom.)

These bon bons can be ordered from the South 'n France web site, and you can choose a customized assortment of flavors.

Note to those who watch their wheat/gluten intake: about half these flavors are also gluten-free, which is nice.

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