Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ChocolateBet: Septemer 16, 2008

Chocolate of the Day:

1 package (2 pieces /1 serving)
Hawaiian Host
Kona Caramacs ("Kona coffee caramel and macadamias covered in milk chocolate")
Very Good - I'll bet a dark chocolate version of this wouldn't be bad.
Wt.: .95 ounces (27 grams) in package
Calories: 130 calories in one package/2 piece serving
Cost: $1.99
Purchased from: Travel Traders - shop in main terminal of Kauai airport, in Hawaii

Airports - once again a good source if you're looking to buy some local chocolates.

Kona coffee caramel and dry roasted macadamia nuts, covered in milk chocolate. I think that sums up rather nicely what can happen when chocolate goes on vacation to Hawaii.

These Kona Caramacs (caramel + mac nuts) were made by Hawaiian Host Chocolates (Honolulu, HI). The chocolate may have come over from the U.S. mainland. It wasn't clear, but the other major components looked all Hawaiian to me.

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