Sunday, September 7, 2008

ChocolateBet: September 7, 2008

Chocolate of the Day:

2 pieces
Surfin' Ass Coffee/Keoki's Big Island
Dark Chocolate Donkey Balls
Very Good+
Weight: ~1.32 oz. for 2 pieces /4 oz. (114 grams) total package
Calories: 200 calories (estimate) for 2 pieces
Cost: $5.95 total package
Purchased from: Lava Java*, in Kihei, Maui; Hawaii

We discovered these Donkey Balls after seeing a banner hanging outside Lava Java*, while vacationing on the island of Maui (Hawaii). These chocolates came in many different flavors, some with humorous names. Most were large (almost jawbreaker sized orbs) with a macadamia nut in the middle; some had a coffee bean in the middle.

The dark chocolate coating was rich, smooth and delicious; but it was a bit difficult to bite into. Better to be patient; but you could also (carefully) cut one in half with a knife I suppose.

*In the true spirit of Hawaiian entrepreneurship, Lava Java was selling coffee, chocolates, cigars -- and also Internet access. Thank you to Dan who helped ship an order of various flavors of Donkey Balls back to California. 

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