Friday, September 12, 2008

ChocolateBet: September 11, 2008

Chocolate of the Day:

4 pieces
Hilo Hattie
Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nut Toffee
Very Good - nice blend of crunchy textures
Weight: 38 grams for 4 pieces; 8 oz. (226 g.) total container/can
Calories: 220 calories for 4 pieces
Cost: $ (need to check receipt)
Purchased from: Hilo Hattie store, in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

There are several Hilo Hattie stores throughout Hawaii. We stopped by the Hilo Hattie store in Lahaina, on the island of Maui, to pick up some gifts to take back home to friends and family. In fact, the large Hilo Hattie's plastic shopping bag served as an excellent carry-on bag, for all the gift and chocolate items I picked up in Hawaii, during the journey home. (Of course the large bag also branded us as tourists - and fair game for other vendors in town trying to sell stuff. No doubt, we were visible as tourists from outer space.)

This Lahaina Hilo Hattie store also has a Maui Divers Jewelry pearl counter, where you can select a (real) oyster from a bucket and end up with your very own pearl. I was hoping for "chocolate" colored pearl(s). I selected a nice ugly (ugly is better they say) oyster, which they pried open for me. It contained two very nice matching, large white pearls. (There is no guarantee what color pearl you'll get.) I later bought a pair of chocolate pearls, at another Maui Divers location (at the Maui airport) which they drilled and made into earrings for me. My chocolate bet gets me into trouble...again.

Today marks the end of year #2 of the chocolate bet! I've been eating a different kind of chocolate each day for two years now. It looks like there are enough chocolate brands/items to keep eating chocolates for at least one more year. My new goal is to eat different chocolates for at least 1,000 days in a row. Only ~ 270 more days to go to hit this milestone (on or about ~ June 9, 2009).

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