Monday, May 5, 2008

ChocolateBet: May 5, 2008

Chocolate of the Day:

2 servings
Hillshire Farm - Beef Lit'l Smokies + Homade (Red) Chile Sauce + Vosges Oaxaca bar
Very Good (sauce = 4 Tb. chili sauce + 1 very small square choc.)
Weight: 4.5 oz. (estimate)
Calories: 420 calories total (320 calories for 10 small links + 100 cals. for sauce)
Cost: $4.99 (Smokies) + $3.69 (Chili Sauce) + $0 (choc.) = $8.68 total
Purchased from:
- Lit'l Smokies links: Safeway, in Palo Alto, CA
- Red Chili Sauce: Safeway, in Palo Alto, CA
- Vosges Oaxaca bar: Whole Foods, in Cupertino, CA (gift of 1/2 bar - Thx Alec)

I'm having to get a bit more creative on Day #4 of Chocolate and Meat Week. I'm mixing a few ingredients to get something that tastes good. For some reason there are just not a lot of chocolate and meat products at the store. Buying lots of ingredients (as opposed to one ready-made, turnkey retail chocolate product) makes for more complicated record-keeping; but it's fun to experiment with different combinations.

How did I make this dipping sauce for the Lit'l Smokies? I put the red chili sauce in a small glass bowl with a small square of chocolate bar, and a few grains of cinnamon (and heated just to the point where I could stir the chocolate piece into the sauce). My first batch of sauce was heavier on the chocolate side. I enjoyed the sauce better with the Smokies when it was mostly red chili sauce, and just a little melted chocolate. This Vosges flavor with chilies went well with this sauce.

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