Saturday, April 12, 2008

ChocolateBet: April 11, 2008

Chocolate of the Day:

1 brownie
Arrowhead Mills brownie mix + Lucerne Cream Cheese + other
= home-baked cream cheese brownies
Very Good
Wt: ~4 oz.
Calories: Probably a lot (300?)
Cost: Total estim. cost for ingreds. = ~$10.00
Purchased from: Piazzas, in Palo Alto + Safeway in Palo Alto, CA

This is Day #8 of eating items that have both chocolate and cheese in them, and this concludes Chocolate and Cheese Week on the blog.

It's on to thinking about the next "theme." I am contemplating - chocolate cats and dogs, chocolate mice, chocolate items of the old West, chocolate and meat (not as bad as it sounds - I think), chocolate cars and trucks, and many more.

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