Thursday, October 18, 2007

ChocolateBet: October 4, 2007

Chocolate of the Day:

Schurra's Private Reserve box

I had 3 pieces - from a 9-pc assortment box (but I don't count the white chocolate one, #2).
1.) 1 Raspberry Truffle - "Dark Belgian chocolate blended with pure raspberry puree and then covered in Belgian dark chocolate. Swirls of red hearts finish the piece." It was Very Good.
2.) 1 white chocolate with a beige cream center; this was probably their Creme Brulee truffle; it was Good-Very Good

3.) 1 chocolate (decorated with orangish swirls on top) that was flavored with spices; this was Good.

Price: was $11.99 for whole box, 9 pieces
Cost for 3 pieces ~ $4.00
Calories for 3 pieces is approximately 150 calories

This assortment was purchased at San Jose Airport on Oct. 1 - on way bk from vacation. Schurra's is a local (Bay Area-based) chocolatier based in San Jose, CA. Airport gift stores can be great places to discover/buy local chocolates - even in your own backyard.

As notes above, I'm not planning on counting any candy that is pure "white chocolate" in my list. However, at some point I may end up making an exception or two. We'll see. For now though - no.

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