Sunday, January 15, 2023

Zotter - Wild Berries with Vanilla (filled bar) - Jan. 15, 2023

Wild Berries with Vanilla (filled) bar
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Weight: 1.23 oz. (35 g.) / 2.47 oz. (70 g.) in total bar
Calories: 170 calories in 1/2 bar
Cost: $4.99 (sale) for 1 bar
Purchased from:, online order

Welcome to Day #3 of Chocolate, Berries and Vanilla Theme Week.

Today's Wild Berries with Vanilla (filled) bar was made in Austria and distributed by Zotter Chocolates US LLC (Fort Myers, FL).

The company offers a wide variety of filled bar (with a range of layered flavors) as well as bean-to-bar, single origin bars (their "Labooko" line), using organic, fair trade ingredients.

Aroma notes for today's sweet, winter warmer filled bar included: sweet red berry (red currant, strawberry) jam, vanilla and chocolate.

A thin chocolate coating enveloped two (fruit and vanilla) soft, internal layers. 

Relatively thin, layered, flavors like this can have an advantage over chocolates where distinct flavors everything thoroughly blended. Each complementary berry fruit flavor was able shine.

The overall flavor was rich in berry jam notes (strawberry, red raspberry and tart currant, and faint blueberry). Rich cocoa (dark milk chocolate) and warm vanilla notes made me feel like I was eating a sweet, complexly sophisticated dessert. 

Speaking of dessert, yes, this bar was very sweet. (Organic, fair traded sugar was the number one ingredient; and it also contained honey and glucose syrup.) A few confection-sized bites made for a fun treat. 

I plan to share the rest of this attractively layered bar with a few people and/or cut it up and display the pieces on a dessert/fruit plate.

Ingredients: Organic, fair traded cane sugar; organic, fair traded cocoa butter; organic, fair traded cocoa mass; dry whole milk; milk; dry skim milk; honey; organic glucose syrup; organic strawberries; organic blue berries; organic dried raspberries; organic almonds; organic cranberry concentrate; organic redcurrant concentrate; organic dried strawberries; organic dried blackcurrants; organic dried blueberries; dry sweet whey; organic dark brown cane sugar; organic soy lecithin; organic vanilla bean powder; salt; organic lemon powder (organic lemon juice concentrate, organic corn starch, organic sugar); organic cinnamon; organic rose petals; (78% organic)

Allergen-related information: "Contains milk, almonds, soy. Manufactured on equipment that processes other tree nuts, peanuts, eggs and sesame." 

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