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Alec's Ice Cream - Matcha Chocolate Chip - June 12, 2022

Chocolate of the Day

Alec's Ice Cream
Matcha Chocolate Chip
Good ++
Weight: 2/3 cup (122 g.) / 14 fl. oz. (414 mL) in total container
Calories: 310 calories in 2/3 cup serving
Cost: $2.99 (estimate) for 1 container
Purchased from: Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to Day #3 of Chocolate and Tea Theme Week.

Today's Matcha Chocolate Chip ice cream from Alec's Ice Cream* (Petaluma, CA) was made with organic cream and milk from pasture-raised cows in Sonoma, CA. 

Alec's chose "ultra-premium Japanese Matcha" for this blend; and the ice cream did indeed have a high-quality, refreshing, matcha green tea latte aroma and flavor. 

The happy cows (mentioned above, from Alexandre Family Farm, the first certified regenerative, organic A2 dairy in the U.S.) contributed to the creamy, rich texture of the base ice cream--that was studded with a generous helping of smooth, dark chocolate chunks. 

The dark chocolate may not have been super bold or complex, but it was well matched and crafted for this ice cream. Made with coconut oil (and organic, alkalized cocoa), the chunks/chips were texturally accessible--easy to bite into and enjoy (unlike chocolate chips that lose flavor and become small, ebony-colored waxy bits when frozen). And the relatively mild flavor profile allowed the the matcha and cream to shine.

The ice cream was sweet, without being overly so (thank you!). This judicious level of sugar helped showcase the green tea and chocolate flavors, mellowed only by the creamy ice cream base. (Yes, we're back to the cream. Visions of happy cows again.) 

Less sugar (and whipped air) means this denser ice cream is firmer when you first take it out of the freezer. I advise leaving it out for a few minutes after taking it out of the fridge, or using a strong scoop/spoon. (I broke a pretty (but apparently weak) spoon trying to drill into this Matcha Chocolate Chip ice cream straight out of the freezer.) It's worth the wait.

Maker's description: "Mellow and earthy meets sweet and sublime..."

Ingredients: Organic cream, Organic skim milk, organic cane sugar, organic chocolate chunks (organic cane sugar, organic coconut oil, organic alkalized cocoa powder (organic cocoa powder, potassium carbonate), organic soy lecithin, organic vanilla extract), organic egg yolk, organic matcha (less than 0.5%), organic carob gum, organic guar gum.

Allergen-related information: "Contains milk, egg, soy, coconut." "Manufactured on equipment that also processes tree nuts, peanuts and soy."

*Founder and CEO Alec Jaffee and the Alec's Ice Cream team took over the site of the much loved Three Twins Ice Cream in Petaluma, CA. 

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