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Exquisito Chocolates - Hacienda Victoria Ecuador Direct Trade 63% (bar) - Apr. 29, 2022

Chocolate of the Day

Exquisito Chocolates
Hacienda Victoria Ecuador Direct Trade 63% (bar)
Good + 
Weight: 1.25 oz. (35 g.) / 2.5 oz. (70 g.) in total bar
Calories: 194 calories (estimate) in 1/2 bar
Cost: $8.00 for 1 bar (part of larger order)
Purchased from: Good Foods Marketplace/Exquisito online order

Welcome to Day #6 of Chocolate and Ecuador Theme Week.

Today's Hacienda Victoria Ecuador Direct Trade 63% (bar) was from Exquisito Chocolates (Little Havana, Miami, FL). The company offers a line of confections and bars, including bean-to-bar, single origin chocolates. 

The aroma for today's chocolate: smooth, dark milk chocolate with nut, cream, caramel and true chocolate notes.

The fine-flavor cacao used to make this dark milk 63% bar was from Hacienda Victoria (farm) in Ecuador. The resulting chocolate had a smooth texture and melt, and a true dark milk chocolate flavor with subtle caramel and faint, fleeting cafe latte notes. (There was also a perfumed cardboard note that I believe was picked up during the shipping/handling process.)

The sweetness was balanced and the ingredient list for this single origin bar was relatively short (4 ingredients) for a milk chocolate bar. (Thank you.) I liked the choice of unrefined cane sugar that, along with the milk, imparted a slight toffee/caramel note.

Ingredients: Cacao beans, unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk

Allergen-related information: Contained milk. (No other information listed on package.)

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