Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cadbury - Royal Dark Salted Caramel - Oct. 5, 2017

Chocolate of the Day: 

Cadbury Royal Dark Salted Caramel
Good - Good +
Weight: 1.52 oz. (43 g.) / 5.5 oz. (155 g.) in total package
Calories: 200 calories in 1 serving (3 pieces)
Cost: $3.50 for 1 package (2 for $7.00)
Purchased from: Safeway, Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to Day #5 of Cadbury Chocolate Theme Week.

Today's Cadbury Royal Dark Salted Caramel, individually-wrapped 2-bite sized, chocolates from Mondelez were distributed in the U.S. by The Hershey Company (Hershey, PA).

These Royal Dark small 2-square, rectangular chocolates smelled like sweet, dark chocolate. They also contained milk.* A silken, smooth melt and texture was due, in part, to the inclusion of both cocoa butter and milk fat.

A tasty salted caramel filling oozed out with every bite.

*The chocolates were made with semi-sweet chocolate (sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, milk fat, natural and artificial flavors, lecithin (soy), milk).

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