Monday, December 3, 2012

Marti Chocolatt - Mango Caramel - December 3, 2012

Chocolate of the Day:

Marti Chocolatt
Mango Caramel
Good+ - Very Good
Weight: .75 oz. (21.25 g.) / 2.25 oz. (63.75 g.) total box of 6 pieces
Calories: 110 calories (estimate) for 2 pieces
Cost: $4.50 for 2 pieces (part of a $13.50 6-piece box)
Purchased from: Marti Chocolatt table, at Fall Chocolate Salon in San Francisco, CA

You would think after six+ years of eating a different chocolate every day, there would be none left to try. That's what I once believed. However, after several months of squirreling away chocolates, sure that I would run out, it dawned on me, that the world of chocolate was truly and magnificently abundant. Chocolatiers are finding new ways to incorporate cacao nibs and chocolate into a variety of offerings, even as I type this.

I love small businesses and startups almost as much as chocolate, and always rejoice when I find a new chocolate taste maker. Thus was the case at the Fall Chocolate Salon held at Fort Mason (San Francisco, CA), in November, when I stumbled upon Tonet Tibay's company, Marti Chocolatt. Tibay specializes in more exotic flavor combinations, and draws on her Philippine roots for creations that include the brilliantly purple ube, durien fruit, or pandan. I found the flavors very nicely balanced with each other and with the chocolate.

Today's Mango Caramel from Marti Chocolatt (Los Angeles) was a glossy, colored dark chocolate dome filled with a sweet, tangy fresh mango caramel center. This caramel marks the last day of Chocolate and Caramel Theme Week, and the first day of Chocolate and Mango Theme Week.

As winter sets in, chocolates (and added ingredients) from tropical places help inject some color and cheer into the darker months. If you can't make it to Hawaii or the Philippines or Southeast Asia this year, Tonet Tibay's chocolates might provide a perfect winter pick me up.

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